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Luis Maraver - Travelling


Long-standing artist Luis Maraver was born in Seville but has been living and working in Mallorca since 1972. Maraver is both a painter and a sculptor and uses materials that belong to the earth and the natural world: earth, sand, straw, wood, dry foliage, sawdust, paper and cardboard. He leans towards large-format paintings which show his signature brushstrokes in deep ochers and bright blues. Maraver’s paintings would not be the same were it not for his many far-flung voyages. 'Travelling', the artist's latest exhibition, opened in Rialto Living Thursday the 27th of October and shows us his passion for the many places he's visited. Mesmerized viewers are transported to the deserts of Morocco, rural India and the dense rain forests of the Amazons, to name but a few.

The opening night saw our gallery bursting with local and international art friends crowding around Maraver's soulful works. Critics, press and art enthusiasts took it in turns to admire Maraver's paintings and chat to each other and the charismatic artist.

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