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Opening 9/3 at 19.30 in Rialto Living
The exhibition ends 18/4.

Arriving in Mallorca in June 2016, to rekindle a love affair with my old Cardiff Art College sweetheart of 30 years ago; my life seems to have come full circle.

The gap in between, has been mostly filled with a career in advertising but my paints and sketch pad, have always been close to hand.

The first 17 of those 30 years, were spent in London, working as an Ar Director for companies such as Dorlands, Young & Rubicam and Hicklin Slade. One recession later and a stint freelancing, in 2001, I headed for Cairo, Egypt and a Creative Director role at Darcy's. 7 years later; 4 of them, living on a houseboat on the Nile, painting in my spare time and Creative Director positions at BBDO and Promoters; I returned to the UK and rural North Cambridgeshire and a quiet village, to write and paint only. Planning on leaving the advertising business permanently behind me, I wrote the first draft of my first novel and continued to develop my bright bold painting style.

I was then dragged back into the advertising industry, when offered the role of Executive Creative Director, for Young & Rubicam, Amman, Jordan. A year later, in 2011, I realised I only wanted to paint and headed back to my rural retreat in the English countryside. I have been a full time artist ever since, exhibiting recently at The Robert Fogall Gallery in Stamford, Lincolnshire, UK.

As a contemporary landscape artist, my work aims to capture the perpetual changes and transitions in nature, due to the weather, season and all its sublities. I do this with loose brush strokes, first marks and last marks, transparent overlays and an uneasy balance of finished and unfinished areas of work. Painting over and outside the lines, both mentally and literally, my work represents the way I look and feel about the world around me.

Now, here's the bit, where it goes full circle. In 2015, during the Rugby World Cup and after the England v Wales game, serendipity played its hand and a nostalgic song on the radio; Zoom by Fat Larry's Band. My mind wandered back to the early 80's and my Cardiff Art College sweetheart. A Facebook search and a message an hour later, we were back in touch. After a few visits to this wonderful island; where she lives now; I made the decision to move here, last June, changing my colour pallet from muddy greys to burnt reds, my vistas from ploughed fields to sun dabbled almond groves. Two landscapes that differ in many ways but so similar in many others.

I now live, love and paint here.

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