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Christian Bundegaard is a modern landscape painter. In his oil paintings and digital prints, he explores the boundaries between figurative and abstract. Although this is hardly a new thing, his pictures look like nothing else.

There is something distinctively unknown about them. A blurred reality of colour fields, which at the same time seem to be actual fields from the great outdoors. Seen or captured in a moment of impression and light, or a studio vision of what has been or could have been. Stores of memories, distant but also very tangible. Clear skies above horizons of paint or painted horizons. Stripes and squares and spots.

The sky makes way for a mountain, the sea for a strip of sand. Houses or shades of forms.
A line of trees on ledges of colour climbing the mountain. Oranges. Lemon trees. A stone wall. Confidently applied slabs of colours and traits of landscape. Its dirt and stones, facades and leaves, ponds and fences and tennis lawns, or is it all the imagination of the viewer? Moments of a weather, passing like sunshine or rain or a storm. Or simply a band of paint or print, straight horizontal and vertical, but layered like flags softly creased by the wind.

Bundegaard seems to have perfect colour pitch, which he deliberately drops and twists to stay on the move or to get closer to the truth. Which is never to be found, of course. Or maybe it has been slightly blurred. Or maybe it was there, but left unnoticed. At one moment something figurative and abstract the next. And vice versa.

Paisatge, the Catalan word in the title of the exhibition, signifies that these paintings simultaneously depict the same landscape and an abstract landscape, which is to be found nowhere. Or everywhere.

Born in Denmark 1961, Bundegaard now divides his time between his studios in Geneva in Switzerland and Sóller on Mallorca. He has exhibited in Aarhus and Copenhagen, New York and Brussels. The show in Rialto Living is his first on the Baleares.

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