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Exhibition of the art collective OCHENTAIUNO, formed by the artists Juan Ávila and Pepito Moran.

Both artists have been exhibiting individually and collectively since 2005.

The work of OCHENTAIUNO, was formed in 2004 as a space of experimentation around painting and its interaction with different artistic / production processes. This cooperation seeks to exchange and put in question the authorship of the pieces, as well as the pictorial work as a finished and two-dimensional object. The repetition provided by the serigraphy emphasizes this process, not without conflicts, carried out in four hands. The image represented becomes a pretext for launching the experiment, but immediately there are problems inherent in culture and society, especially in the choice of naked female figure as a motive.

The title of the exhibition is "Livia" who reflects the conflicts that the feminine suppose to inhabit. The exhibition can be visited until September 19th in Rialto Living.

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