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Global interconnectivity makes it difficult to ignore the fact that the planet is increasingly threatened by our overbearing human imprint.
We have become the enemy of what nurtures and assures our wellbeing and we now stand at a crossroads, trying to re-define ourselves as guardians, not ravagers, of our planet.
These paintings are not traditional still-lives; they are full of motion, pushed and shoved by our humanity, threatening to leave the picture all together.
After all, nature owes us nothing and cares little about our fate, but we need it, and these are reminders of just how much.

Trisha de Borchgrave is an American who was born in Paris, France, grew up in Mallorca and was educated in England. An artist since the 90’s, she also writes on policy, politics and lifestyle at the HuffPost, Arab News, The Big Smoke, Australia, and Al Arabiya English, and her articles have appeared in ABC, Spain, UPI and The World Today, Chatham House.

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