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As a contemporary landscape artist, my work aims to capture the perpetual changes and transitions in nature, due to the weather, seasons and all its subtleties. I do this with loose brush strokes, first marks and last marks, transparent overlays and an uneasy balance of finished and unfinished areas of work. Painting over and outside the lines, both mentally and literally, my work represents the way I look and feel about the world around me. One year on and my love grows; for the island, my painting and my art college sweetheart. It has been a busy year, since my first Rialto Living solo exhibition, which brought my work to the consciousness of its clients and the wider inhabitants of the island. I have now covered, shot, sketched and painted more of this beautifully diverse place. Though, nowhere near all of it. I have produced larger, brighter and bolder work, that I hope you will enjoy viewing, as much as I’ve enjoyed painting them.

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