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"Ángeles Cereceda has christened this exhibition with the title "In a figurative sense." A success indeed since when we contemplate her paintings we not only see the literal nature, the landscapes, the trees, the plants, the flowers, the roses or the water lilies, of course all perfectly drawn by the skills of the artist, but we approach their essence. In the same way, in the portraits as well as observing the dexterity with which she shapes the physical features of each person, she allows us to look at their soul. Also in the so delicious portraits of dogs, she shows us their best qualities.

There is something indefinable in the paintings of Cereceda that guides our eyes and forces us to sharpen our gaze in order to find what it contains. Thus, for example, the water lilies, which she reiterates in various canvases, are not only the beautiful plants of apparently oriental origin, that grow in the water and that we find so often in Spanish modernist poetry and in Claude Monet's canvases, who ordered to build ponds in his garden to populate them with his Nymphéas, they are much more. Ángeles Cereceda manages the evocative power of the water lilies to subjugate us, while we try to learn the secret that they hide.

The paintings by Ángeles Cereceda encourage us to delve into the mystery that only great artists can lead us to."

Carme Riera. February 2019

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