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Over the five wonderful years I’ve lived on the island, the way I paint or approach a painting has developed and still changes from day to day. This new collection of paintings show a broader way than usual, how I think and look at the world around me. Like the weather and the seasons I have cloudy days, rainy days and sunny days. This can manifest itself in different ways, from subtle hues to hard lines, representative to abstract marks, all in one painting. An eclectic mix of marks to interpretate the eclectic nature of the world around us. What hasn’t changed, is my fascination in how nature makes patterns out of what first appears to be random chaos and how from a distance, it can seem flowing and unconfined and yet at the microscopic level, regimented and organised. Therefore, my work needs to be viewed up close and from afar, as nature needs to be seen, to be fully understood. This is of course an ongoing process, as I strive to grow and evolve, like nature itself, in a never-ending search to communicate it, in coherent and interesting ways.

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