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Having lived in Mallorca since the age of five, James Lambourne (London 1956) has created works intimately connected to nature and the Mediterranean. He uses different languages or techniques, such as painting, sculpture, engraving and drawing, but Lambourne also gathers and uses natural objects to create installations or ephemeral interventions, which could be thought to belong to the Land Art movement if it were not for the much broader and often unclassifiable boundaries of his work.

James Lambourne assimilates the shapes, textures and colours of his environment in order to develop his unmistakable personal iconography: territories, cairns, stone circles –which he considers to be “thresholds”-, symbolic elements that pervade his whole work. His observation of nature has made him aware that nothing, not even the inert, remains unchanged; that time always involves evolution, movement, change and transformation.

It is this same observation that has captured Lambourne's interest in the harmony between the microcosmos and macrocosmos. This vision leads him to his everyday life discoveries, stones and other objects in which he finds a whole universe engraved and growing on their surface. Shapes, colours and textures that he transfers to his two-dimensional and three-dimensional works. 

In 'In/gràvid' James Lambourne explores the mystery of gravity, how a natural phenomenon can give weight to physical objects and how their energy can attract other bodies, although the feeling of being grounded to earth can disappear once we are floating under the deep blue sea.

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