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In her adolescent Mediterranean summers, Dolors discovered the seabed. She felt captivated by that silence, the endless range of blues, the wavy sands, but also the ochre shapes of the cliffs and the mysterious dark of the seaweed banks. Soon she understood that what seemed to be so still and unchanging... was in fact in a continuous motion. For a while now, while interpreting the coastline of her island, she has gradually discovered spaces that are much closer to her, but no less dreamlike for that reason. Her plastic sensibility conveys those wavy sands mixed with liquid blues and greens, with serious ochre and reddish tones. And in her silence, as when she was looking for answers at the bottom of the sea, Dolors delves into that static and ever changing imaginary... in constant evolution. That same, but different nourishes her creative universe. - Pedro Coll

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