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A bright new vista


British Adrian Elgie, a painter who traded his successful career as an art and creative director to become a full time contemporary artist, has lived on Mallorca since 2016. Elgie captures the continuous changes in nature through his trademark loose brush strokes, transparent overlays and combination of finished and unfinished areas. He visualizes the way he perceives the world around him by painting over and outside the lines, both mentally and literally. Since Elgie moved to sunny Mallorca his colour palette has changed from muddy greys to burnt reds and his ‘vistas’ from ploughed fields to sun dabbled almond groves. The opening to Elgie’s ‘A bright new vista’ took place on the 9th of March and saw a mix of local and overseas art aficionados engrossed by his works, which mesmerize through their vibrant colors and enchanting atmosphere.

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