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Damián Ramis & his friends


Mallorcan Damián Ramis grew up surrounded by his mother’s sculptures, so it is no surprise that Ramis not only mastered the art of sculpting, but has also become a valued artist of international acclaim. He has exhibited in art galleries, museums and art fairs in Mallorca, Barcelona, Madrid and Puerto Rico. Furthermore, his sculptures are to be found in public spaces and private collection in all corners of the world. The charismatic artist’s popularity was also evident in the opening of ‘My Friends’, which took place on Thursday the 20th of April. Bright red roosters, yellow ducks, blue owls and other sculpted creatures, each animal powerfully expressive and a far cry from being a simple soulless shape, stood proudly on display. Resident dog and much-loved Rialto Living mascot Morris reveled in his spotlight moment, as his mold was met with many murmurs of approval. These ‘living things’ are bursting with personality and happy to have been created. They are the artist’s friends and very quickly became those of all visiting too.

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