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10 years / 28 artists


That lovely spring night when – strolling down Palma’s Calle Sant Feliu – we both stopped at the same time, in front of the façade of an old theatre with a ‘For Sale’ sign hanging on its door. Little did we know that the story of our lives was about to undergo a significant change.
That night was followed by many others until, one summer day 10 years ago, Rialto Living finally opened its doors, with an anticipation and love we still like to experience and recall.
It is impossible, in so few lines, for us to thank all the people who have accompanied and helped us throughout this time. The residents of Palma and Mallorca who have stimulated us, with their trust and friendliness, to carry on growing without abandoning the course we set ourselves from the start. The visitors who come from all over the world and overwhelm us with their flattering comments about our space.
The exhibition “10 years  / 28 artists” is our way of celebrating this first decade of existence. The income generated by the sale of the works will be donated in full to various local NGO’s; Mallorca sense fam, Fundació Natzaret, ASPANOB y Organización Zaqueo. Which is why we should like to thank all the artists from the bottom of our hearts for their selfless participation and huge talent.
Barbara & Klas

Damián Ramis Caubet


Miquel Salom


Dörte Lehnigk


Katrin Kirk


Estefania Pomar Aloy


Àngeles Cereceda


Joan Àvila Fuster


Cristina Escape


Joan Bennàssar


Frank af Petersens


Christian Bundegaard


Estefanía Sánchez-Amor


Maria Adlersson


Adrian Elgie


Ignacio Burgos


Niels Jensen


Luis Maraver


Núria Forteza Vicaria


Pola Brändle


Biel Bover


Lisette Pons


Nando Esteva


Jaime Colorao


Maria Grazia Bellini


Teresa Pou


Trisha de Borchgrave


Enric Irueste


Helena Falk


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