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“In remembrance of food” Trisha de Borchgrave


On the evening of October 19 th Rialto Living opened a new exhibition called “In remembrance of food”, by American artist Trisha de Borchgrave. Trisha is an American who was born in Paris, France, grew up in Mallorca and was educated in England. She is a journalist and an artist who divides her time between writing and painting. Her newest works features motifs of fruits, vegetables and magnificent foods made with different pictorial techniques such as oil or hyper realistic drawing. Many of the guests who joined us on the opening night knew her work from previous exhibitions and admired the artistic evolution she has been through since her last exhibition at Rialto Living.

Trisha confessed to us that she has devoted herself fully to her journalism and to this exhibition. This might seem as an unlikely mix of activities, but both of them respond to her interest in the Earth’s health that is threatened by our abusive ecological footprint.

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