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Rialto Talk: Marilles Foundation: a plan to protect the Balearic Sea


The Balearic Sea is one of the most richly biodiverse areas of the Mediterranean. 20% of its waters are legally protected. It is home to more than 400 fish species and it has 50% of all Spain’s Posidonia seagrass meadows. But the Balearic Sea is under huge pressure and action is needed to protect this treasure, much of which is yet to be discovered.  
Marilles Foundation is a non-profit foundation working to make the Balearics a world-leading example of marine conservation. It funds projects, designs solutions and acts as a long-term fund for the conservation of the Balearic Sea. To date it counts with the support of three well-established international foundations and has funded projects worth more than 500,000 Euros. Since 2015, Marilles has been researching the Balearic marine context and has worked with local actors in all islands to identify high-impact projects and effective strategies that will help us protect it. On 14th November the director of Marilles Foundation, Aniol Esteban, will tell us how they plan to achieve this goal. Aniol is a marine biologist and environmental economist with more than 15 years experience working to drive positive environmental and social change.

Marilles Foundation

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