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Flowers that transmit joy


Did you know that there is evidence indicating that the first flower existed over 140 million years ago? Way before the first human ever walked the Earth. The flower in question was an angiosperm, made up of stamens and carpels with whorls for petals.

“Flowers are nature and nature transmits joy. The colours, texture and fragrances of flowers improve our everyday experience; when we see them, we immediately perceive their beauty and that makes us happier”, says Brigitta Norrenbrock, head of Rialto Living florist’s shop.

This spring tulips, roses, speedwells, anemones and a host of brightly-coloured varieties are on display in this beautiful corner of the store, right beside the book department.

Tulips are flowers that symbolise unconditional love. Their changing colours and beauty made them a highly coveted product in 17th-century Holland. And a single bulb of the Semper Augustus variety sold for the equivalent value of an entire house!

But if it’s love we’re talking about, the rose is its symbol par excellence. Its intense red colour expresses passion, romanticism and carnal desire with no need for words. White roses transmit purity, pink roses stand for congeniality and frankness, and yellow roses signify balance and friendship. Roses are so great that they have a colour for every occasion!

Another flower filled with meaning is the anemone, which is deeply entrenched in Japanese culture. In Japan, giving anemones transmits an unequivocal commitment based on loyalty and fidelity.

Speedwells, meanwhile - which are also known as the “goddesses of youth” - symbolise beauty and grace in many cultures. Their common name reflects the delicacy and fragility of their petals.

“Flowers break the monotony, their colours are a reflection of our soul, of how we live our everyday lives and of what we transmit to others”, says Brigitta.

Other than the Rialto Living flower shop, the most emblematic place where one can discover different types of flowers in Palma is La Rambla.

Strolling between the different flower stalls is like strolling around part of the city’s history. Centuries ago, this avenue was a torrent bed which carried water that flowed directly into the sea.

Today it is a very lively area, especially at important times of year like Saint Valentine’s or All Souls’ Day, when the residents of Palma spare no expense in honouring their loved ones with flowers.

In order to fully enjoy flowers, you have to treat them with respect, pamper them, change their water every two days and keep them in a cool place”, Brigitta advises from her department of Rialto Living, Mallorca’s benchmark lifestyle store with exquisite flowers, books, furniture, rugs and carpets, lamps, fragrances, articles of clothing, artworks and the most creative gift items.

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