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Palma’s Cocktail Bars: Sophistication, Fashion, and Pleasure


A cocktail embodies sophistication, fashion, and pleasure. A drink that can be prepared in a thousand ways, with names as suggestive as Old Fashioned, Negroni, Whisky Sour, Manhattan, Dry Martini, Aperol Spritz or the classic Daiquiri and Margarita, among many others.

But where does the origin of cocktails actually trace back to? Well, initially they were mixtures used as homemade remedies to treat illnesses.

The earliest “cocktails” were made with herbal spirits. It wasn’t until much later that it became common to add lemon or orange juice to gin or rum to prevent vitamin C deficiency in people.

The term Cocktail first appeared in writing in 1806 in New York’s newspaper “The Balance.” In the newspaper it was defined as “a drink stimulating liquor composed of spirits of various kinds, sugar, water, and bitters. A potion that the heart prefers over beer, of great use to politicians because a person who drinks these mixtures is prepared for anything.”

Palma, being a cosmopolitan city, offers several top-notch cocktail bars. Cozy spaces where you can enjoy the great classics and other surprising proposals.

But what better place to start this route than our Café Rialto, where customers can enjoy classics like the Mojito or the Daiquiri, as well as our refreshing signature cocktail: the Mediterranean, made with gin, lemon, ginger ­­and apple.

The Brassclub, owned by award-winning mixologist Rafa Martín, is one of the city's temples, with creations such as his famous Mango & Curry Thai, El Chilerito and Volcano Island.

Very close to the Brassclub, you’ll find two more city classics: Chapeau 1987, set in the twentied and specializing in whisky-based cocktails. And Ginbo, which was voted as the best cocktail bar in Spain a few years ago. Its new menu, called Utopía, is an example of avant-garde in cocktails that serve to discover what the future tastes like for us.”

Agabar, located in Santa Catalina, is a pleasant place that invites you to taste the flavors of Mexican regions such as Durango, Jalisco, or Veracruz, with cocktails as unique as the Margarita Verde, the Sexy Paloma, or the Oaxacan Colada, among others.

Just a few steps away, you’ll find LAB, without a specific menu, their cocktails vary depending on the fresh seasonal products that express “knowledge and passion for the search of something new and ­­­­innovative.”

Two more of Palma’s classics are found in Plaça des Mercat in the heart of the city. At Gibson Bar, with its decoration reminiscent of an Old Parisian bar, you must try their quintessential cocktail, the legenday Dry Martini. Meanwhile Nicolás offers the most loved of the cocktail culture like the Mallorcan Gimlet, based on the Mallorcan gin Cabraboc.

Cocktails are more in style than ever. And Palma is the perfect place to enjoy them while strolling through the most emblematic streets of the city.

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